Wooden Disposable Nail-Pusher Dual Ended Cuticle Pusher Stick

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Finish: Cuticle Pusher Wood Sticks to push cuticles back, clean-up post polish work, and more!
The handy and multi-use tool pushes cuticles back, cleans product from sidewalls during nail service, and more!
No time is needed to sanitize. Simply use and discard to ensure a safe manicure and pedicure service.
Add some Cuticle Oil to finish your nail service.
A double-ended design, a pointed end, and a flat end are great for manicure and pedicure use.
10pcs wood sticks, portable, disposable, and easy to use.
Polished and smooth surface, harmless to skin, safe to use.
Designed for removing cuticles and dirt.
Ideal for use at home or nail salon.

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