About us

The NailzStation began as a simple idea of making Press on Nails for myself. In Indian market, Good Quality Press on Nails are not available and if some are available they are really expensive. So Here at The NailzStation, we provide High Quality Luxury Press on Nails at really affordable prices.

All the sets are Designed by me. All of our designs are made with gel, making the sturdy and durable.

The NailzStation offers customization on all designs. We can change the color or design to fit your style. Simply send us a message prior to ordering.

Please read our FAQ for more details.

If you haven't tried the press-on nails, give it a shot! It's beautiful, durable and reusable nails at a fraction of salon prices.

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Instagram: @thenailzstation

Email:  thenailzstation@gmail.com 

Phone: +917041524476